Z-800WF Infusion Pump

Safe. Durable. Intelligent. Dependable.

The Zyno Z-800WF Infusion Pump offers a simple, durable and intelligent infusion pump for oncology infusion centers while incorporating the standard features of the Z-800 Series pumps.  The Z-800WF is ZynoFlo enabled and provides wireless integration with medication dispense and EMR systems.

  • Simplified Set-up and Use
    • Simple navigation and data keys for programming
    • Easy to load straight line IV sets
    • Medication orders displayed on pump
  • Reliable Clinical Solutions
    • Patient specific infusion information at point-of-care
    • Reliable long lasting quick charge battery
    • Displays standardized infusion parameters
  • Automates Infusion Workflow
    • Automatically captures start and stop times
    • Reduce manual charting and potential errors
    • Directly enter clinician ID at the pump

The Z-800WF requires the ZynoFlo Integrated Infusion System to capture infusion start and stop times.

ZynoFlo Integrated Infusion System

Administration Set Catalog – Z-800F, Z-800W, Z-800WF