ZynoFlo Integrated Infusion System

If your infusion center has implemented (or is planning for) electronic Rx order/dispensing, EMR, and billing systems, then the ZynoFlo Wireless Integrated Infusion System can take your daily operations to all new levels of workflow efficiency, patient safety, automated documentation, billing, and infusion audit trail support.

Built on the same core Z-800 series infusion pump platform, added wireless communication capability, some new user interfaces and a custom cloud-based software interface applications to complete the wireless integrated infusion system. The Z-800WF infusion pump along with the patented patient query provides the nurse with a tool to view patient specific infusion orders at the point-of -care and communicate the drug infusion times to the EMR.

ZynoFlo offers a system that can enhance the delivery of clinical and operational improvements and opportunities for cost reductions by way of streamlining one, combinations of, or all of the following important business metrics:

  • Pharmacy / Medication Flow
  • Patient Flow
  • Nursing Work Flow
  • Interdepartmental Work Flow
  • Information Flow
  • Billing / Reimbursement Flow

We invite you take a closer look at how ZynoFlo might be just the right Intelligent Infusion Solution for you.

Administration Set Catalog – Z-800F, Z-800W, Z-800WF

Z-800WF Wireless IV Infusion Pump